Limiting Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Project Surprises

Below are the Top Tips for Limiting Kitchen & Bath Remodel SURPRISES

How to ensure the estimated price and the final price are the same?

Design, functionality, and the right contractor choice factor heavily into a kitchen or home remodeling project. But one thing always takes center stage.

Focus on Successful Budgeting

“On a budget” doesn’t mean it has to be cheap. Successful budgeting is a process to ensure you’re getting the home remodeling project that you want. Successful home remodeling budgeting makes dreams come true.

Poor budgeting can bring nightmares.

The worst thing that can happen in a kitchen remodeling project, or when you’re putting in a brand new master bathroom or remodeling the basement is to be surprised at the final cost.

When a project starts to go off track, two things can happen, and neither is good.

1). A contractor will simply pass off the higher expenses to you. Or…
2). The contractor may begin to skimp on the quality of products or craftsmanship to keep costs down.

Of course, no one is perfect and things can pop up unexpectedly that will need to be addressed. That should be the exception though, and not the rule. A quote should set a budget and inform the final cost…period.

Here are five things every homeowner should do, with help from a trusted home remodeling contractor, to ensure the quoted price, is the final price.

Get Multiple Bids

Don’t just look at the cost. Look for inconsistencies, hidden issues, and different approaches. By comparing project estimates, you should know what you need to know to ensure accurate pricing.


When you ask questions, offer opinions, and consider options, your contractor will have a more clear understanding of your expectations. Don’t make him (or let him) guess. Guessing wrong is expensive!

Invite The Contractor In

By all means, ensure your potential home remodeling contractor visits your home and walks the space. Have him look for the unknowns. If a contractor quotes you over the phone based on square footage, there will likely be some extras added in along the way.

Compare Fixtures

Your contractor will factor the cost of new kitchen or bathroom fixtures into the quote. But quality and functionality of faucets, sinks, and countertop materials vary. So does the cost. contractor’s showroom (link to showroom video) to touch, see, and choose wherever possible to limit surprises.

Trust Your Instinct

If one bid is ridiculously low, it likely won’t hold up. “You get what you pay for” Is very true for new kitchen installations, bathroom remodeling projects, and finished basements.

No one likes it when the final bill is higher than promised. Take these steps to ensure you get what you pay for. Projects go more smoothly, everyone is happier, and the finished room is more beautiful when it comes in on budget. For everyone!

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